When Faith Hunter was going through a difficult time, she found the beauty of yoga. “During the time that my brother was transitioning out of human form, this was a hard time for me. A friend suggested that I try yoga,” she says. The class changed her life. “The practice helped me regulate breath and step away from chaos. Being present gave me direction and clarity. This was a quiet and happy time for me,” she continues. As her life began to change through her yoga practice, she wanted to deepen her understanding so she decided to change directions in her journey and become a yoga teacher. It was a purposeful move for her. “I was scared but I had faith in myself and God. There was a lot of unknown but I knew it had to happen. I made the commitment to become a yoga teacher,” she says. Dedicating her life to the practice, Hunter is the founder and creative director of Embrace with Faith Hunter Yoga based in D.C. She conducts classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training.


Throughout her teaching she has witnessed many transformations through her students. “I’ve had numerous clients that are attorneys, they get deeply into the practice of yoga, the next thing I know they take my teacher training program,” she says. With a name like Faith it is no question she is successful helping others on their journey towards wellness.


With a full time yoga business, a plethora of students, conducting teacher training and gracing the covers of magazines, Hunter sustains balance by engaging in her own meditation and yoga practice. When she is not teaching and on the mat, her personal style is “funky and free spirited. Black with a splash of color,” she explains. She keeps her breathtaking girls on point with Mixed Chicks products.


If you would like to try yoga Hunter suggests the following.

-Visit the studio. Make sure the energy feels right.

-Try classes with different teachers

-Explore other types of practice.


“Hunter reminds us that it is important that people understand that yoga is about healing. When you create awareness there is mindfulness. Yoga is being mindful.”


For more information visit www.embracedc.com


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